Data Labeling, Collection and Testing

made easy through our crowdsourcing platform

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Flexible Pricing
Pay as you go. Terminate any time with no lockins.
Crowdsourced data workforce
We provide a huge workforce of people through crowdsourcing who can work on all kinds of data jobs.
High quality data
Our extremely thorough and careful steps for testing ensure that we produce high quality data sets.
Text data
Classification, Sequence labeling, Sentiment labeling, Named entity recognition etc
Image data
Bounding box, Lines n splines, Cuboid, Polygon, Segmentation, Tagging etc
Video data
Bounding box, Classification,Polygon, Cuboid etc.

Security and compliance

Our team follows strict compliance and security protocols and is GDPR compliant.


Data Platform (beta)

Our data platform makes it easier for businesses and individuals to get their data sets by connecting them to a huge golabal workforce from around the world who can perform these tasks remotely.

Get in touch to collect/label your data

Get in touch with us to get a quote! We'd love to show how can we label your data sets.