Advancing Large AI Models

Experience Effortless Domain Adaptation with Our Advanced Language Model System.

NorskGPT (our first LLM) Get in touch

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Flexible Model Selection
Choose from a selection of pretrained open-source, closed-source or in-domain models. Contact us to train your own custom model
Flexible Deployment
Host our LLMS on your own cloud or in your secure VPC areas.
Domain Pretrained models for your Unique needs
Discover the AI Revolution: Dive into our tailor-made, pretrained Large Language Models, precision-engineered for your unique domain. Harness the might of AI with Bineric.


Our NorskGPT is the first Norweigan based large language model avilable to depoy on your servers or on cloud.

Security and compliance

Our AI models adhere to strict compliance and security protocols and are GDPR compliant.


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