The Data Labeling Platform for A.I

Data training and validation for A.I applications

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Text data labeling
Classification, Sequence labeling, Sentiment labeling, Named entity recognition etc
Image data labeling
Bounding box, Lines n splines, Cuboid, Polygon, Segmentation, Tagging etc
Video data labeling
Bounding box, Classification,Polygon, Cuboid etc.
Platform is available on all cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Alibaba, Google) and also available for private deployment
A.I assisted data training
Platform uses A.I algorithms to automatically pre-label the data sets which help speed up the work for human data labelers
Human A.I data labelers
The paltform provides a distributed human workforce (through crowdsourcing) who can work on all labeling jobs. The platform also provides tools like remote working,team working and process management.


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Crowdsourcing Marketplace

Our crowdsourcing marketplace makes it easier for individuals and businesses to outsource their data jobs to a distributed human data labelers who can perform these tasks remotely.

Private data labeling team

For those who cannot use crowdsourcing (due to sensitive data) can use our specialized data labeling team who will exclusively work on your data project. The team will follow compliance and security protocols and is always GDPR compliant.


Just the software

For those who just want to use the A.I based data labeling tool (without any human data labeler) can license our software for personal or internal company use.